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Terminated for Storing Firearm in Vehicle While at Work, You May Have a Wrongful Discharge Claim

Beginning September 1, 2017, Texas made it easier for individuals to purchase and renew their license to carry a firearm by lowering the costs associated with the license.  Passed in May 2017, Senate Bill 16 reduces the price for applying for a license to carry from $140 to $40.  It also cut the renewal costs… Read More »

Terminated for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim, You May Have a Claim.

Did you injury yourself at work?  Did you file a workers’ compensation claim?  Were you terminated thereafter?  If you answered yes to all the above questions, you may have a claim for workers’ compensation retaliation. Texas law provides protection for Texas workers filing for workers’ compensation and those testifying in workers’ compensation proceedings from retaliation… Read More »

Have You Experienced Retaliation in the Workplace?

State and Federal laws protect individuals from retaliation.  An employer may not fire, demote, harass or otherwise retaliate against an individual for submitting a complaint of discrimination, participating in a discrimination proceeding or otherwise opposing discrimination.  Note that most of these laws apply to private employers with 15 or more employees, and to all state… Read More »

Did You Know That You Can Recover for Emotional Distress Damages in FLSA Retaliation Claims?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes minimum wage and overtime protections for many workers in America.  Workers who lack work authorization are entitled to minimum wages and overtime pay for hours worked under the FLSA to the same extent as other workers. The FLSA also prohibits retaliation against any person who has filed a… Read More »